Pay Chapter Joining / Membership Fees

Chapter Joining Fee/1st Year’s Subscription Payment Page

This page enables Brethren applying to become joining members of Manchester Epworth Chapter (Internet Chapter) 3921 to pay the Joining Fee and, where applicable, the SGC Registration Fee, and the First Year’s Subscription (Dues) by credit card.

Note: The Assistant Scribe E will advise you when the fees are due.

Please click on the appropriate button below and your browser will load the secure WorldPay payment page.

The Joining Fee is 15.00 GBP (UK Pounds Sterling)

The SCG Registration Fee is 35.52 GBP (UK Pounds Sterling)
This does not apply if you are already a member of a chapter under the English Constitution (SGC)

The First Year’s Subscription is 55.00 GBP (UK Pounds Sterling).

Thank you for applying to join the Chapter.